Lowa Renegade GTX

By | February 28, 2015

Lowa Renegade GTXHandcrafted in Slovakia, as opposed to China, Lowa hiking boots are well known for their quality craftman ship. First established almost 90 years ago, the company is also well known for their innovative sole technology.

One of their most popular boots is the Lowa Renegade. It’s a non descript, mid weight hiking boot designed for both fast packing and carrying moderate loads over rough terrain. I put it through its paces for six months and this is what I found.


Some boots just feel right from day one. And the Renegade GTX are a perfect example of this. The break in period is non existent. And provided you get the sizing right (80% do according to Amazon), they feel snug without being overly restrictive.

One thing that I particularly liked about these boots is that they come in both narrow and wide sizes. This is obviously ideal if your feet swing a little too far in either direction.


Stability was much better than I expected given both the boots category and its weight. There’s a full length nylon shank in the mid sole, and this combined with the tight fit and derby lacing system provided more than enough support for packs of up to thirty pounds.


Traction is handled by a rugged Vibram outsole complete with thick non slip lugs. Overall, I found the boots to very versatile in this regard, making equally light work of gripping to both smooth and rough surfaces.


The Renegade line are available in a choice of five different colours. All but four are basically a different shade of black. I personally purchased the “Black/Black” version and think they look great.

I tend to wear hiking boots at work as well as the trail and the Renegades fit very well with this. They go great with dark jeans in particular which isn’t something that can be said about boots like say the x.


The Renegades have a boat load of seams and I was expecting a few durability issues. Thankfully, however, in the six months that I’ve owned them, they’ve yet to start coming apart.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the sole. The boots ARE still comfortable but I can already see that it’s starting to wear down. And because of this, I expect to get one year max out of these boots.

That’s not terrible, considering a hike a good 50 miles per week. But considering the brand name, and the price, I was expecting more.

Customer Reviews

Speaking of customer reviews, most people seem to love them. At the time of writing, they’ve been reviewed over 300 times for an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell how many of these reviews were written within the first few months of wear.


Personally, I love these boots. Considering the weight, the level of comfort and stability that they offer is incredible. The only question is whether or not you feel comfortable replacing them once a year

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